Friday, February 23, 2007


As we grow older, time flies by and sometimes without our realization. 

It's back to work after all the Chinese New Year celebrations. Just got home from Balikpapan; pax load out was light but it was a full load coming back. Extremely tiring with plenty of kids on board and many passengers asking for side orders. Glad I'm off tomorrow which meant I can catch up on sleep!

Returned home to a pleasant surprise after training; my result slip for my graduation project. My heart was pounding as I was tearing open the slip and I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the result. I had gotten an A! Gave Mummy Love, Sis and Huat a scare as I actually screamed out loud! Never expected to score that well; it was worth all the effort put in. Like to take this chance to thank all the 100 peeps who helped to complete the survey forms. 

And now, an update on what I had been up to:

19.07.2007 | Monday

Met up with my ex-colleagues at Violet's mum's home. Had fun babysitting Gelsey and Gisele while Violet kept herself busy with mahjong. Cute Gelsey kept taking my bag and said she was going shopping only to come back to me a few seconds later complaining that my bag was heavy. Emptied out everything so that she wouldn't have a problem with it. She got everyone laughing hard when she kept telling us that she was going shopping!

20.07.2007 | Tuesday

Family bonding time with Mummy Love and Bro in the morning and then it was off to catch "Epic Movie" on my own. A total waste of money. Late lunch at Aunt's place and family dinner with the maternal family at Harbour City Restaurant at Tiong Bahru Plaza.

21.02.2007 | Wednesday

First day of SEP re-current training. Happy to see my batch mates again; Meleevia, Nandar, Joycelyn, Shima and Gwen. Slide jump in the morning; pretty nervous as it's been a year since I last jumped down that slide. 

22.02.2007 | Thursday

Second day of SEP re-current training. First Aid training in the morning followed by the test. After lunch, it was Fire Drill, Door Operation and theory test. 

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