Sunday, February 18, 2007


Celebrated Valentine's Day with a new look! Chopped my hair real short; my stylist didn't want to do it cause she wanted me to keep my hair long but I insisted cause it's easier to manage. 

Operated a flight to Balikpapan in the morning and received a red packet on that flight! The Singaporean uncle was returning to Singapore and he gave each of us (EYCL crew) a red packet containing 100,000 rupiah each. 

We were hesitant to change it as we were afraid that 100,000 rupiah might turned out to be only S$2/S$3 (pardon our ignorance) but it turned out to be S$16.70! That was one generous passenger! 

Spent Valentine's Day with Destinee, singing our hearts out at KBox Suntec. Presented her with a small gift as she was "depressed" that she did not receive any flowers. To prevent ourselves being irritated by all the lovey-dovey couples, we hid in the KTV room together with Seraphine and sang all the depressing love songs we could. 

Glad to have the girls for a special and memorable Valentine's Day celebration this year! 

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