Sunday, February 04, 2007


I should be in bed now as I've got to wake up at 4.45am to prepare for tomorrow's morning flight (I try to get at least 8 hours of rest before each flight). 

But because it's the finals of Project Superstar, I decided to sacrifice my sleep instead. Luckily it's a short flight, so I can get some rest after that. 

And, after taking so many pills for the past few days, I'm so happy that I'm feeling much better. No more medication!

Watched "Perfume - The History of a Murderer" at Shaw Lido last night. Was surprised that DC wanted to watch it there cause we usually head to Cathay for movies. He was afraid that we wouldn't be able to get the tickets at GV VivoCity, so he decided to try his luck at Shaw Lido. Before we went went in, I warned him to be prepared for the condition of the cinema. Had a good laugh when I saw his expression upon entering the cinema. The whole theatre was so, so old and eerie. There was even a blackout for 3 seconds before the movie started!

Give me Cathay anytime!

Looking forward to Tuesday, cause I'm gonna be on leave for 4 days! Not going anywhere though, trying to save up for a trip to New Zealand (if possible) and studies. Have cut down on shopping (thankfully I'm not into labels). Gonna spend my leave spring cleaning and accompanying Mummy Love. 

Surprised Mummy Love today with a UOB Lady's Supplementary Card. Quite happy when I received both the principle and supplementary cards. Having a credit card isn't necessarily a good thing but at least I got it by my own means. For me, having a credit card means convenience when I'm travelling. No more bringing amount of cash for holidays!

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