Thursday, October 19, 2006


Dinner date with dearest Twin last Saturday!

Been ages since we last met and I was off so we made the impromptu decision to meet. For those who aren't aware, Catherine's my other Twin and that's because we arrived on Earth on the same day, month and year!

Decided to meet at Takashimaya as she was working; attending Kenzo's and Escada's fashion shows brought back memories for me. For the last 2 years, I would be cooped up at Takashimaya for 2 weeks preparing for their anniversary celebrations. Weekends was spent ensuring that all logistical matters were in place; catching the NewPaper NewFace finals and the numerous fashion shows. Having been involved in the celebrations for their 10th, 11th and 12th anniversary, there's a tinge of sadness knowing that I'm not involved now. 

Caught up with a few ex-clients like Danny, Uncle Vic and Khairul. Feels good to see them as they were my close working partners in the past when I was servicing Takashimaya's account. Danny even got me an Escada's goodies bag! One of the many perks of my previous job. The goodies bag contained an Escada's tote bag and a Kimage voucher. 

Ended up at Alley Bar after the shows ended. Our intention was to have dinner but somehow our hunger pangs disappeared. So it was drinks and finger food!

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