Thursday, September 21, 2006


How I wish I can go for a massage now,
my whole body is aching so badly.

Just came back from a golf session at the driving range.
It's been six months since I last stepped into the driving range or touched my club
so after whacking about a hundred golf balls in one and a half hours,
my body is screaming for mercy.
It didn't help that I just did an overnight flight last night.

Survived my virgin overnight flight to Cebu.
Meal service was a breeze cause of the light pax load;
what was harder was trying to keep myself awake.

Though I had taken a nap before reporting for the flight,
it was still tough trying to keep awake.
It was already 7.30am by the time we touchdown in Singapore this morning,
so I took the train home instead of wasting money on the cab.
By the time I reached home, removed my make-up, shower and got ready for bed,
it was already 9.00am.

Slept till 2.00pm before I got up to get lunch.
Mummy didn't get me any food cause she expected me to only wake up in the evening.
Told her I didn't wanna sleep till too late otherwise I will have problems sleeping at night.

Can't afford to sleep late cause I've gotta collect the air tickets tomorrow.
Can't seem to have enough time.
If only I have more time to run all my errands.

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