Monday, September 25, 2006


Why does time always fly by so fast on my off days?

If only I have more off days to do my stuff.
Yet to get started on my Journalism assignment and it's due in two weeks time.
On top of that, I'll be whisking off to Hongkong next week,
which leaves me with less than a week to complete the assignment.

I'm so dead.

Trying to find as much time as I can but sometimes I'm so tired after work,
coupled with housework, I end up not being able to get anything done.
Other than my assignments,
I wish I can have more time to create more accessories for my online store.

Yes, I've taken the plunge and started an online store selling DIY accessories.
Always love creating accessories for my friends but have never thought of selling them,
until a friend encouraged me to do so.

I do not know where this will lead to but for now,
I'm taking things slow and see how it turns out.
So far, I got some really encouraging emails from some customers
and it feels happy reading them!
Trying to come up with more new creations as
I have been getting enquiries from my friends as well.

To celebrate my new venture,
I'm giving out a 10% discount (no discount code required) 

and free normal postage for all purchases.
This promotion will end on 25 October 2006.

A heartfelt thanks to my supporters. 
Thank you for your purchases, kind words and encouragement. 
The store will be updated with more designs soon. 
Meantime, please bear with the wait. 

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